What is MighT?

MighT is a social talent game that enables you to identify, illustrate and promote yourself through a 3D talent avatar.

What we believe

We believe everyone has talent, but the large majority of us don’t really know, or would really like to be assured of it.

By creating a fun way for you to ask people about your special powers, we believe MighT is preparing for a new world of talent.

How does it work?

By MighTifying a friend you are telling that person why you think he or she is Mighty. You are creating a unique 3D MighT avatar and contributing towards that persons tag cloud.

How do I play?

Tag and get tagged to unlock your self knowledge.

Collect four MighTs (one per group) and unlock your profile page.

Three MighT’s will unlock your MighT profile page.

Each MighT is composed of...

Character – “A complex of mental and ethical traits marking a person”.

Personality – “A set of qualities that make a person distinct from another”.

Power – “Innate natural capability to perform”

What is a MighT Tag Cloud?

Every time someone creates your MighT, three words are stored to your profile. As more people MighTify you, more words are added. The most commonly used words grow to show your most recognizable powers.

E.g. Lets imagine you have 30 people who have Mightified you and 20 say you are Creative, then your Creativity is clearly a special power!

What's in it for me?

You get to know yourself in a cool way! As you play you’ll build a credible and insightful talent tag cloud. You decide better! People that know themselves make better decisions and live a more fulfilled life.

It’s ok to promote yourself! Because you have been empowered by others you’ll have credible info about yourself to share when you so desire.

Need help?